We offer you the benefit of our extensive experience in all areas of criminal law.

Olivia Traynor has practised criminal law since qualifying as a solicitor and has served as a member of the Law Society Criminal Law Committee. Below is just a sample of the various areas we cover in the District & Circuit Courts on a daily basis. While we are based in Galway city, we travel to Courts throughout the country. We are included on the Free Legal Aid Panel and we also deal with fee-paying clients.

-          Public Order Offences

-          Drug Offences

-          Road Traffic Offences

-          Assaults

-          Theft, Robbery, Burglary etc.



Civil litigation is a process for resolving public and private legal disputes on civil matters through negotiation or through the courts.
Olivia Traynor & Co. Solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with all aspects of civil litigation.

Examples of the areas in which we offer services are as follows:

-          Personal Injuries*

-          Road Traffic Accidents*

* In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.


Conveyancing is the area of law covering the buying and selling of property. We can provide you with expert and practical advice whether you are buying or selling a house or land. We will advise you from the pre-contract stage up to the closing of the sale and all issues arising thereafter.

-          Buying a House

-          Selling a House

-          Buying a Site

-          Re-Mortgaging

-          Stamp Duty


Making a Will:

Many people underestimate the importance of making a valid and properly considered will. We strongly advise all our clients to make a will, regardless of the transaction which brings them to our firm. The existence of a will ensures your assets are distributed according to your wishes. We will also advise you on tax planning issues at this time. If you do not make a will, your assets will pass according to the rules of intestacy which may not necessarily reflect your wishes.

Administration of Estates:

The death of a relative or loved one is a very difficult time. We can advise you on all steps involved in the administration of an estate, whether it is a testacy situation (a will exists) or an intestacy situation (no will exists) while at all times bearing in mind the sensitive nature of the situation at hand. We deal with the various institutions and parties on behalf of the Executors/Personal Representatives and go about extracting the Grant of Probate to the Estate. Our services in this area extend to filing the Capital Acquisitions Tax Returns on behalf of the beneficiaries and transferring property into the beneficiaries name(s). We will also assist and advise the Executors/Personal Representatives on their duties throughout the process.


Olivia Traynor & Co. Solicitors

Specializing in Criminal Law, Civil Litigation, Conveyancing and Probate

We are based in the centre of Galway city and offer a broad range of legal services. In particular we provide inimitable expertise and years of valuable experience in the areas of criminal and civil litigation. 



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